This, this is HUGE! I really cannot wait for the reveal! This is just one reason I have been so quiet over here. I have been working with 5 other amazing Etsy shop owners to bring this crazy idea of mine to life!

I know I revealed this over on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, but I figured I’d share it here with more of an explanation of what and how this whole crazy thing works. If you have ANY questions, please leave a comment below, or message me on instagram.

The idea behind this “Build Your Own Bundle” is a twist on your traditional, subscription based, box kit. The twist is, you choose what is in your kit. There will not be one big box shipped to you; you will receive separate packages of goodies from each individual shop. We are all hosting our own pieces in our own shops to allow customers to shop from which shops they want, and to prevent one of us from having to box up each individual order – that could get a little crazy trying to keep track of each different “box”. Once you have purchased each piece, or pieces, from each shop and received all of your orders you’ll have one perfect planner kit, customized to your needs. Think of it as a group planner sale, except trying to find all of the pieces to match has been made much, MUCH easier.

We started out with a color swatch, chose a theme and then we each made our individual pieces.  Now you will be able to pick which pieces you want to build your bundle. Maybe you don’t use a weekly kit, but want a monthly kit and some accessories, there’s that option! Maybe you don’t utilize clips and die cuts, but want all the stickers, there’s that option. Maybe.. just maybe you can’t live without it ALL.. there’s that option too. The options are unlimited on which piece(s) you want! This will be a completely customized kit to your needs.

There will be a monthly kit kit, a weekly kit, decorative boxes, papers, planner bows and clips, a matching pen, die cuts and tassels. This really is beautiful and I can’t wait for you to see it on Friday! Here’s a sneak peek at the entire collection.

It’s really stunning and I can’t wait to see how items are purchased and put together. I think that’s the part we are most excited about, seeing how the pieces are combined and how they’re used.

If you’d like to check out the other shops before the release of the kit and have a small glimpse at the amazing products they each have to offer, I’ve created a list below with their shops and instagram accounts linked.

Berry Sweet Plans              Shop               instagram

Clip it Crafts                          Shop               instagram

Girl is Crafti                           Shop               instagram

Lizzy Beth Bows                  Shop               instagram

Paper Focus Partners        Shop               instagram

Planner & Paper Co           Shop               instagram

This project has been so much fun to work on and I can’t wait to start on the next!




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