I’m sure, by now, everyone has heard about the new changes to Etsy that are coming in the middle of July. While it seems as though a lot of the Etsy Sellers are making the move to their own websites, I wanted to stop by the blog and let you  know my plans for Planner & Paper.

I had already started making plans to slim down my presence on Etsy and start focusing more on the website, prior to this Etsy change, as I want to offer subscriptions to the Monthly Collections; which is something Etsy doesn’t allow. This means, more blog posts, all new releases will be listed here, digital products and subscriptions. The Subscription model was the biggest reason for the move, as I have been asked multiple times about a subscription for the kits. I can also have Hubs customize the site to however I want, ooh the perks of being married to a web developer. Also, the categories and search options on the website are, I believe, more user friendly than on Etsy.

First and foremost, the Etsy shop will not be going anywhere. I will still be running the Etsy shop but prices, unfortunately, on Etsy will be taking a slight increase to cover the cost of the fee increase that Etsy is putting into place. All prices in the Etsy shop will be going up by 1.5%. Shipping rates on Etsy will not be changing. Etsy will however, no longer be the place where all of the new releases will be listed. I will also not be adding all of the a-la-cart options to Etsy. The full kit/bundle products will be listed and some a-la-cart options will be added, but not everything, like I have in the past.

The rewards program I started at the beginning of the year on Etsy, will no longer be continued after July. Plannerandpaper.com does have a reward program – no need for stickers and a card as the website does all of the tracking for us! Points are given for each dollar spent. This will allow you to build up rewards faster and make them MUCH easier to use – no need to send me a message any more! If you have rewards from Etsy that you don’t think you’ll claim before the end of July, please email me at customerservice@ and I will convert your rewards into the new system for you.

The last, and probably the biggest change is that coupons and sales will no longer be available for the Etsy shop. The Design Team’s discounts are not going anywhere, but they will only work on plannerandpaper.com . This is also true for any new release discounts or sales that I might be participating in.

So while a lot of shop owners are moving their shops completely, I will be staying on Etsy AND plannerandpaper.com, but Etsy will be the more expensive, less product carrying shop. I’m hoping that the changes to plannerandpaper.com that I am putting in, will make the website easier to navigate and make the shopping experience easier.

I can’t wait to get the subscription portion of the monthly kits started – it’s been a big work in progress and I’m excited and nervous that it’s finally coming to fruition next month!

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