Every year as a summer “tradition” of sorts, the kids and I make a summer bucket list. This started back in 2011 when the Boy was 3. This hasn’t only been limited to a summer bucket list, we also created a  Road Trip Bucket List  for our road trip a couple of years ago. I wanted to have things to keep them occupied, because what are you supposed to do for 11 weeks of no school with a 7 & 3 year old? Well, I created a bucket list. It was a list of fun, small or big things to do and we worked our way through the list over summer break.

I had seen different things on Pinterest for ways to incorporate the kids – use popsicle sticks, pull one out each day and that’s what you were off to do for the day, color code each item and each color will depend on how much time you have to do said item. We have tried both options. We’ve even tried writing our list onto colored paper and then drawing one from a bucket – I know.. cliche! Now that they are older, an old fashioned list seems to work just fine.

This year I’m not sure if the kids will play a long. The Boy might, but the Girl is off being busy with band camp and a couple of online High School classes, plus you know she’s now too cool to participate with a kid thing like a summer FUN bucket list. So I decided to create a Summer Bucket List for myself and the Boy for this summer. And we all know summer fun is always more fun when you have friends to play with, so I figured I’d invite you to join in on our fun! I created a printable that once printed will have the “adult” version on the left hand side and the kid version on the right. Just cut it in half and play along ! Even if you don’t have kids, you can do some of the kid stuff – I’m totally in for picking up donuts at night, who isn’t?

If you’d rather create your own list it’s easy and ends up being a TON of fun. There are a TON of bucket list ideas on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great resource and I used some of the ideas on this and previous year’s bucket lists. I could get lost just looking all of the different lists out there. I have fallen down that rabbit hole a time or two.I’m starting to think that sometimes we had more fun checking off the list at the end of summer and laughing/remembering  all of the things we have done over the summer than we did doing the things!0 I don’t think we’ve ever been successful in completing everything on the list, but we’ve come close!

If you chose to play along with the bucket list, I’d LOVE to see! I will be playing along all summer long starting on Memorial Day on my Instagram account. To make sure I see your pictures use #tppcbucket2017 or #tppckidslist2017 .

Click HERE or on the image to download your copy of the list.

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