Sheet-pan meals where have they been all of my cooking life?!? I have recently tried a few of these one pan wonders and the family is just loving them. They are SO easy to prep and just pop into the oven. So this week I thought I would go through my recipe board on Pinterest and make a whole week’s meal plan from them. I have been pinning these recipes like crazy. I’m all about quick and easy these days, so why not try a few of these recipes while we’re still busy with school, sports and band and see how practical they really are? Well, that’s what I’m doing this week!

This is our last full week of school – how on earth did THAT happen? Wasn’t it just January? I feel like I’ve blinked and we are now into summer. We are starting to wrap everything up, the Boy has one final ball game tomorrow, the band concert was last week but we still have High School band stuff this week and then we have one final field trip on Saturday. I’m really hoping these dinner are as easy as the recipes make them sound!

I will let you know how well this panned (Ha! pun intended) out next week and if there are any recipes we didn’t like. As always, all of the recipes are linked in the meal plan below.

On the Menu This week:


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