Since the past few weeks have been crazy and then we have another couple of crazy weeks, this week seems as though it wants to take it easy on us *fingers crossed that’s how it pans out*. It’s only Monday now, so things could change drastically between now and Sunday. This week’s meal plan is reflective of us not having 1,001 things to do in the evenings. I’m going to be cooking at least 3 nights this week from scratch instead of having dinner pre-prepped or quick fix meals. There are 2 slow-cooker uses this week – one to bake potatoes and one to cook dinner but guess what? those are the night’s we’re out late because of band or baseball.

Since we have some down time this week, I’m going to try 3 more new recipes. I know.. I’m crazy, but sometimes it’s nice to cook something new. These recipes have been on my Pinterest board for a while and so I figured why not make them? I’m thinking over summer I just need to do a whole week’s meal plan that has nothing but recipes from my Pinterest boards. That may make life REALLY interesting, but we could also end up with a TON of amazing meals in the rotation too.

I feel as though I should be saying a whole lot more, but this week is really a down not so interesting week for us. I guess I should change the header for this post to “What’s for dinner? When you’re not ridiculously busy”.


**I have “or leftovers” here, because it’s going to be a long, hot day on Saturday, so we may or may not feel like making dinner – not that Taco’s is all that labor intensive, but we may also have leftovers from the week night meals. That’s if the kids don’t eat them all as lunch for school. Either way, I have a plan!

A somewhat easy, slower week for us and some amazing sounding meals. So, What’s for Dinner at your house?




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