If you haven’t already guessed from the number of posts I’ve made about meal planning, it’s a pretty big deal around here. I don’t know how we’d function without a meal plan and having something to help me organize my meal plan is an added bonus.

When I sat down to design the Meal Plan kit, I took into account everything I typically write down or how I organize the menu in my planner. For the longest time I’ve been using the blank boxes on the right of my Erin Condren Horizontal Planner, this way it was with everything else that we have going on in our lives. I recently purchased a Happy Planner Mini to use as my meal/menu planner and I LOVE it. I love having the meal plan in one place that I can carry in my purse and leave out on the kitchen counter if I need to. The downside to the Happy Planner Mini was there wasn’t a designated place that I could use to write my meal plan. I was using a ruler and pen and just marking off 1.5in boxes off, which was great in theory, but not very pretty.

So I changed my designs to fit the Happy Planner Classic & Happy Planner Mini! This means there is more of a versatile use for everything I’ll be creating from now on. I made sure to include full boxes and half boxes – this way if you just want to write down the name of the meal there is a small space to do so. On the full boxes, I included a place to write the recipe book and page – or website. I include that information on my meal plan to help make finding the recipe again after I’ve meal planned easier when it comes time to cooking dinner.


I did also create small icon stickers to mark which recipes are slow-cooker, grilled or cooked in the oven. Sometimes a quick at a glance view of your meal plan can be helpful. This way when you are planning/prepping or even get ready to prepare dinner in the evening you can see, quickly, which (if you are using the slow-cooker you’d know because you did that first thing in the morning) means you’ll be cooking dinner and can preheat either one while changing and unwinding. I have a couple of recipe books that have this same idea and I’ve found it to be super helpful when it comes to planning my menu and executing it later.

I have tried to think of every possible thing you may or may not need when it comes to creating a well planned meal plan. I really hope I’ve created something that will help you meal plan with ease.

Here’s a look at the full Meal Plan Collection – isn’t it cute? Doesn’t it just make you want to meal plan? I couldn’t stop when I did my test prints – it’s THAT easy to use!

Head on over to The Shop to take a closer look at the Meal Plan Collection. Each piece, besides the basics are listed under each planner size.

Now, you know you can’t meal plan and not go grocery shopping, Right? So I created a Grocery Shop Add-On to the Meal Plan Collection. This is just a 4 sheet add-on, that will help you create a quick list, or a “pick-up today” one item on a day where you need to stop for fresh bread or a  rotisserie chicken to go with a Salad etc. so having a “pick up fresh” or “stop by ______ for____” will be used quite frequently in my planner.

Here’s a look at the Grocery Shop portion of the Collection.

If you purchase the Meal Plan Core or Deluxe Kit, the Grocery Shop Add-On is included FREE! If you prefer to pick and choose what’s in your Kit, you can purchase each piece of the kit separately. Each piece comes as 2 sheets – they will print on an 8.5×11 sheet and cut down into the 2 half sheets.

I also created a Meal Plan Printable for you to use either in your planner or on your fridge to write your meal plan on for the week.

Click Image to Download or CLICK HERE

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