So the last time I was around was right before the 4th of July! Summer break is almost over! I can’t believe we are about 2 1/2 weeks from school starting. With the new school year upon us there are some big changes coming to The Planner & Paper Company Shop. If you follow me on Instagram, you kinda have an idea of what this blog post is about.

While I have been pretty quiet around here, I have been working tirelessly on a Back to School Collection – I released the Countdown portion a couple of weeks ago – and on the September monthly collection. I was invited to join Peppermint Planner’s birthday bash next month and so I created a small sampler sticker sheet to be included in her giveaways. That lead us – Hubs & I – down the rabbit hole of looking for printing options. I wanted to send a printed version of the sampler and so we started researching options. We have found the most cost effective solution and it allows us to eventually grow into a subscription based business, should that be the route we chose.

To make this a cost effective and easier process for myself, I have decided to slim the product line down so that it’s not sized to fit any one planner brand. The full boxes will fit the Erin Condren Life Planner vertical or hourly, but that seems to be a mid-range size for boxes. The Happy Planner is slightly larger, while the Erin Condren Horizontal & Mini Happy Planner are slightly smaller. This 1. means MUCH less work on my end which in turn means I can create products faster and 2. it’s cost effective when it comes to printed products. This way I don’t have to carry a huge inventory I can just print and stock one size.

I will also be transitioning my current Etsy Shop to a solely physical product shop over the next couple of weeks. I will still offer the digital format for all products, but I have opened a sister shop, The Planner & Printables  over on Etsy. I will slowly transition all of the digital files over to that shop as the listings expire in the current one. They will only be uploaded in the new one-size fits most sizing format. So if there’s a specific size you’ve got on your favorites list, this is the time to get it before it’s gone. I will be having a retiring sale for all of the sizes that I will not be carrying over to the new printables shop; so watch my Instagram and the blog for those announcements.

Please bare with me while we make this transition. There will be new products still being released in the coming weeks as well as the retirement sale. There might be a few hiccups a long the way, but I am hoping that we will see very little of that as I make this transition into printed products.

I am very excited to be making this transition, it’s not something I saw coming as quickly as it has and I hope you are too!

Now to get back to the regularly scheduled programming around here. This blog has been a little neglected while I’ve been off being a worker bee behind the scenes. I have TONS of blog post ideas that I want to get up here as well as new product ideas too! So, stay tuned! There’s LOTS of goodness about to come your way!

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