So.. how’d the Pinterest meal plan go?!? Or did I lose you to Pinterest? We made it through the meal planning process and cooking without getting lost to the abyss! We had some pretty amazing meals and I’m now wanting to go back for a second round of meal planning from Pinterest.

There is no real “theme” to this week’s meal plan. I guess you could say it’s tried and true recipes that we all love with one new one added in for something different. Some of these recipes are requested from the family on a regular basis and some of them I haven’t made in a REALLY long time. There’s at least 2 on this meal plan that are ones I haven’t made in years.

With it being well into Summer break I’m starting to enjoy the slower pace  of life around here and being able to spend more time in the kitchen cooking. I don’t know if  it’s done NOTHING but rain here, yes I live in Florida you know.. the SUNSHINE state, but I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen than I would normally during the summer. It’s typically too hot to stay in the kitchen with the stove on for any length of time. I usually plan a lot of grilled or slow-cooker meals so that I don’t have to stand in the kitchen for long!


**not the recipe I’m using, as it’s from NoMoreToGo, but it’s close. NoMoreToGo is a Meal Planning subscription Service that I have a subscription to.

These are all family favorites and I hope you find a new favorite from our list. I know I’m going to have some really happy little people in our home this week with this menu.

So, what’s for dinner at your house?


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