Maybe that should say Maniac Monday, because that’s how today feels. It feels like I should’ve just stayed in bed, or crawled back once I realized how awful today was going to be. It’s not even been a stressful kind of day, it’s one of those where things can go wrong.. it’s gonna go wrong kind of days.

It all started last night, I should’ve known, right? I finished up all of the admin stuff for the July Monthly kit that releases tomorrow and planned on going to bed early to read. Long story short.. I didn’t. It wasn’t until almost 2am before my head hit my pillow, and we had to be back up at 7:30 as the Girl started band camp today.

The Hubs had asked if I wanted to sleep in since I don’t function very well on little to no sleep. “Sure, that would be great. wake me up around 8”. We’re carpooling, so I wasn’t doing the morning run, I just wanted to see her off before she headed out for the morning. 7:20am my eyes are wide open and I remember that I hadn’t printed the medical and photo release form that needed to be turned in today. So, while I’m trying to get out of bed and focus, I send the forms to the printer from my phone. That has to be one of the best perks of having a wireless printer and AirDrop on my phone.

So I come out of our room and collect the papers from the printer as the Hubs says “Oh.. you’re up. I thought either you were up and printed from your phone, or the printer was reprinting the forms. Either way, I’ve already filled them out”.  Well, if I’d have known that I would’ve just rolled over and gone back to sleep! But now I’m REALLY awake, so I’m up. I grab a cup of coffee and get back in bed. I decided I’d just veg and watch some T.V. while I was drinking my coffee and then get on with my day.

The dogs decided to join me and curled up with me and we were all snuggled and I started to feel tired again, so I was going to cash in on the fact that the Boy was still sleeping, it was only 9am and I didn’t have to pick up the Girl from band camp until noon. Hubs works from home, so if the Boy did get up, there was adult supervision. Great.. 2 hour nap.. here I come! I must have fallen asleep as the show I was watching was over when I was woken up by Molly (our American Bully pup), who had some how managed to pin me in the covers and pushed me onto the edge of our queen sized bed. She’s not a HUGE dog.. and she doesn’t need the WHOLE bed, but I guess this morning she did! So I fight with her over the covers and then look at my phone and realize that it’s now 10 minutes until 11, which is when I wanted to get up and moving.

So I get up, get dressed and I hear my phone ding to tell me I have a text message. It’s the Girl. She wants me to pick her up early from Band Camp – the main portion of the morning is over, she was going to stay later for a Jazz Band, as she’s not feeling well. Normal pick-up is 11am, I was supposed to be there at 12pm because of Jazz and she’s 20 minutes way. So, I hop in my truck and head out to pick her and the kid we’re carpooling with and I’m 10 minutes into the drive when I realize my truck is hovering just above E. SERIOUSLY?!?!?.. I know it’s Monday, but why is it being so cruel?

So I call Hubs and ask am I good to keep driving, or do I need to stop at the gas station at some point during this pick-up mission. His answer wasn’t so reassuring and then the gas light comes on. S**t! Well, I think the truck just made that decision for me. So I pull into the gas station, text the Girl and tell her that I’m stopping for gas and I’ll be there shortly. Fast-forward and I have picked them both up and we’re headed back in the direction of home.

For some reason a guy on a bike thinks as I’m driving past him is a good time to just step off the curb almost into the side of my truck and then I get cut off by another truck with a trailer a little bit further down the street. We were safe; I drove us home safely. Our friend’s son is home safely.. it all panned out.

Now we’re home and it’s lunch time. As I realize that I haven’t written my Meal Plan blog post for today, the new release post for tomorrow, or uploaded the Listings to the Etsy Shop. *face palm*. We still have the issue of the Girl not feeling so hot and the Boy is STILL sleeping. I mentioned we had a late night.. it was a late one for us all, so I’m not surprised he slept until noon.

I get the Girl some medicine and get her settled and resting and then I start working. So far, it’s the one thing that’s gone without a hitch *knock on wood* today. The new releases are up and ready in the shop and I didn’t have any issues with the uploads or listings. But now it’s 4pm and it seems pointless to post the meal plan now when I should be thinking about fixing dinner myself.

But since I need to run out to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.. it’s now storming outside. Thank you Mother Nature, because today couldn’t be any crappier than it already was. We still have to pick up the Girl’s marching band Baritone from the repair shop, where it’s been for the past 2 weeks. She not only has band camp tomorrow buts she has Low-Brass Sectionals, where she needs said Baritone.

Well, instead of writing the Meal Plan blog post I wrote this one. Maybe writing down all of this craziness will make it go away and not happen again tomorrow! So, now I’m off to look over my meal plan and write the blog post for that. Since it’s pouring outside I don’t think it’s a good idea that I drive in the rain to run to the grocery store. Maybe we should just order take-out, but make sure there’s a delivery option, so we don’t have to drive.

Thanks Monday.. you can leave me be now.

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