I know l missed last weeks meal plan but if you read my Manic Monday post you’ll understand why. So far so good today *fingers crossed* as I haven’t left the house yet, but it doesn’t seem AS  crazy today. *I started this post this morning at 9am.. it’s now 6pm and I’m just editing the last of this. It’s not been crazy, although there was an attempt or 2 to run me off the road again today, but I was off having fun with the Boy and the Nephew this morning and tried to post this in between*.

Last week seemed to be a blur, I’m not sure if it’s because it started out a little off or it’s because band camp has officially started for the Girl or we are just now settled into a slower pace because of summer break, but I had a meal plan last week and we seemed to avoid it at all costs.

That’s okay though. Sometimes you just need a cooking break, or cook on the fly like we did last week. I’m not always very good at it, and there were a couple of “cheat” days in there where we picked up chicken and sides from Publix (our local grocery store) or we had a big late lunch, so we had sandwiches for dinner etc.

This meal planning thing doesn’t always mean I cook every meal on the menu. Sometimes we improvise, sometimes I say “forget cooking today, lets just order a pizza” and that’s OK. I find it easier to grocery shop if I have a plan and know what I need in the house to cook for the week. I have been known to just whip something up using the staples we have on hand or ran out for the couple of things I don’t have. Sometimes I wish I could cook like that more often. Maybe it’s something I’ll try over the summer and let you know how that goes. *writes down the idea in a notebook for future reference*.

This week’s meal plan does have a few transferred over items from last week, because they are great dinner recipes, we just didn’t make them. In one way, I’m thankful I didn’t blog the meal plan from last week because then I’d have nothing to post this week. We definitely have a wide range of items on the menu this week, some quick and easy fix meals, some more labor intensive ones and a few tried and true recipes for good measure. It should be a good week’s worth of food.


*Denotes NoMoreToGo recipe alternative

So, what’s for dinner at your house?



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