This week is almost a typical week for us. We are SUPER busy and I want to avoid the question “What’s for dinner?” and not have an answer. This week’s meal plan has “quick fix”, pre-prepped and slower-cooker meals just to make life easier and work with our schedule.

While sitting down and planning our meals for the upcoming week I had to take into consideration that we have 5 days that involve baseball (yes, it’s that kind of crazy week for us), Baritone lesson and 9th Grade Orientation for the Girl, a sleep-over with our Nephew and then we’re going to spend at Day at Universal Orlando. *Whew* It’s a week! That’s not including work for the Hubs, grocery shopping and Planner & Paper stuff for me and whatever else may come our way. I may need a vacation next week just to recover; which I can’t take a break next week as this craziness repeats itself then too! We are almost running full tilt like this until school gets out at the end of May. Then I’m going to spend all summer reading and not doing anything!

So, back to meal planning this week. I typically pull out my stash of recipe books or ask for help from the family. For more on the way I typically meal plan, here’s my meal planning 101 post. But, that wasn’t going to necessarily work for this week. This week I picked tried and true recipes, ones that I know are easy to assemble quickly or before we leave for the evening. I did rely on the meal plan services that I subscribe to to pull a few of these recipes from.

Using a meal plan service has/can save me time when I don’t have time to meal plan or we want to shake up our meal routine. There will be a follow up post that will go into detail about the meal planning subscriptions. But in a nutshell, the subscriptions are meal plans that are emailed to me weekly and they include 5-6  meal recipes, some include sides and desserts and then the grocery list for that week, so if I don’t have time to create a list, gather recipe books and take my time picking and choosing meals, this is the easiest solution for me. The subscription plans that I used for this week’s menu are 5dinners1hour,  No More To Go and Six Sister’s Stuff Standard Menu Plan.

I haven’t planned breakfast and lunch this week – it’s a kinda fly by the seat of your pants week, but we have the typical breakfast and lunch items in the house, so it’s a “fend for yourself” thing.

on the menu this week:

  • Monday (practice night) – Ham & Swiss Sliders, chips and veggies & dip.
  • Tuesday (game day) – One-Pan Sausage and Zucchini Bake with mash potatoes
  • Wednesday (High School Band & Umpire Duty) – Homemade Lasagna
  • Thursday (Baritone Lesson & 9th Grade Orientation) – Fend for yourself night (Leftover Night basically)
  • Friday (game day) – Slow-Cooker Pork Taco’s with with pineapple salsa and borracho beans (not the recipe I’m following as it’s from NoMoreToGo Subscription and I can’t share that recipe)
  • Saturday (game day & Umpire Duty) – Spicy Meatball subs with Coleslaw and fries
  • Sunday (Universal Orlando) – Pot Roast, mash potatoes and veggies

So there you have it. Our menu for this week and now I can’t wait to get home every evening to enjoy these meals!

With that done, I won’t have to blank stare or panic when I’m asked “What’s for Dinner?” this week.



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