It’s that time of year when I start cooking ridiculous things in the kitchen. It started 10 years ago, when a friend and I started making Halloween themed food for the month of October. In our house, it is has slowly condensed itself into a full week of Halloween/spooky foods. 

I created a poll over in my Instagram stories if I should share the spooky menu, and it got an overwhelming response, so here you have it! Here is what our upcoming week’s worth of meals will look like. 

The Pillsbury recipe book, pictured above, is something I bought back when this all started. It was in the grocery store, right above where you check out. I’m not sure if they still sell this, or anything like it, but I have linked all of the recipes I will be using below. 


I will be back next week the rest of the menu until Halloween. If you join me in making silly things for dinner, tag me if you share pictures! 

Until Next week!

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