So last week I tried to cook every meal on a sheet-pan, we have not tried every recipe I had on the meal plan as life got in the way, but the ones we did make, were AMAZING! The kids and hubs gave rave reviews on the dinners we did make and honestly they were THAT good.

This week’s meal plan isn’t nearly as exciting as all sheet-pan meals, but there are 2 new ones and lots of old favorites. With this being our last week of school, my kids are done with this school year on Wednesday, I wanted to make recipes that I know are pretty easy to make or ones that I haven’t made in a REALLY long time. There’ are several that I don’t think we’ve had in at least a year!

Since our extra-curricular activities have ended for this school year/season, I will more than likely be cooking a little differently than when we are super busy during the school year. With it being summer in Florida I’m also not planning to use my oven a whole lot, it’s TOO hot here to cook big dinners in the oven, so that will change up our Sunday Family Dinner’s a little too.

I’m just full of changes today, huh? So there’s not too much change around here, here’s this week’s meal plan.



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