Last week my meal plan was from the Six Sisters Stuff Meal Plan Subscription. I have never cooked the whole meal plan as written and I think I’m going to from now on. The meals this week were easy to cook – so easy Hubs has cooked several of them! They also did not disappoint when it came to feeding the family and everyone enjoying what was served.

I am a big fan of Six Sisters Stuff and that’s one reason I joined the Meal Plan subscription. I have always just picked the recipes from the weekly email, or previous weeks that I’ve saved and then moved on. The simplicity of having the menu and grocery list emailed to me, BEST THING EVER! The grocery list was easy to navigate and made preparing this week’s meals a breeze.

I did also say that the Hubs cooked dinner, he did so TWICE! He will help cook dinner every now and then, but I think the simplicity of these recipes made it less daunting for him to take over cooking dinner. I think some of these recipes are even ones that the Girl could cook, should we need her to fix dinner.

If you have not checked out the Six Sister’s Stuff Meal Plan options, I totally recommend them. I think in August once school starts back I will need to use these in their entirety more often. Especially when I’m crunched for time and not able to sit down and fully meal plan and write a grocery list.

With that said, this week I’m going for another themed week on the menu. This isn’t a crazy theme like cook everything on a sheet pan but I figured it was time to start using some of the recipes that are stored on my Pinterest boards.

You know what I’m talking about.. you scroll the never ending abyss that is Pinterest and you’re hungry, so you just start pinning things. LIKE EVERYTHING! Even if it’s something that you know you can’t cook.. you pin it anyway because it looks good. Have you ever noticed, how all of these dishes look AMAZING on Pinterest and then you cook them and they look… not like the picture.. How does that even happen?!?

Anyway, focus! See, this is what Pinterest does to one’s mind! This week I’ve decided to go through my pinterest boards (yes, I have multiple foodie ones) and I’m going to make 7 dinners from those ideas. So, if you haven’t meal planned yet, or you’re going to and want to play along by all means join in on my crazy and use the recipes below; or go through your own recipe boards, or book marks or where ever you store your recipes and make something you’ve never made before, or maybe it’s something you’ve made before and forgotten about (that happens on Pinterest too, doesn’t it?).


That right there is just a very SMALL menu that I could make using my Pinterest boards.. I could probably go all summer long just using those recipes! So, What’s for Dinner at your house?

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