Summertime blues, they seem to happen to me EVERY summer break. I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve been sick this week, or if it’s the hot weather that gets to me or maybe it’s the lack of stuff to do, but MAN they are kicking in hard today!

It’s only the first real week of summer break and I’m not sure it’s any fun. Since the kids have been home at least 3 of us have had some head cold/sinus infection that the Boy bought home from school. Not only have we been sick, but Florida has now decided that it should be rainy season and it’s done nothing but rain for the past couple of days.

Not that we have huge plans for summer. The Girl is taking online classes to accommodate her band class needs next school year and then she is participating in 6 weeks (yes you read that right) of band camp. The 6 week time span is for 2 band camps. They are back to back and will be consuming most of her free time during the summer. So much for a vacation, right?

Unfortunately, a vacation wasn’t going to happen during summer break this year as the Hubs has a HUGE software release for work. When we went on vacation to North Carolina 2 summers ago it was during a software release and we trucked his Laptop and work stuff with us because we didn’t know if something was going to fail and he’d have to work – luckily it didn’t, but I wanted to avoid that at all costs. So then the window that the work stuff left in summer break, band camp filled it’s place. We are planning a small 3-4 trip somewhere before the kids go back to school, just to have a little family time before the school mayhem begins.

I had grand plans to start checking things off of the Summer Bucket List this week and being sick has stopped that one in it’s tracks. One thing will be checked off on Saturday, “do something out of your comfort level” as the Bestie and I head to a Book Lovers Expo. I’m assuming it’s going to be very similar to the Scrapbook & Stamp Expo that we went to a month ago. From what we’ve heard so far, this could be totally interesting and it’s going to be WAY out of my comfort level! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as I’ll add some of the fun to my Story and I’ll try and share as many pictures as I can throughout the day.

I know it’s the first week of Summer and we have 10 weeks left, so I just need to enjoy the rest this week and just take it one day at a time until I feel better.  I feel like we should be off doing something. Maybe that’s because I’m so used to us being busy bees all the time that this slow pace of life is a shock to my system.

Watch, now that I’ve written this, next week I’ll be back with a collage image of all of the Bucket List items we’ve checked off and saying I want to just sit and chill out! Never fails!

So, has summer break started where you are? How do you curb Summertime Blues?



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