So, I have survived week 2! Not that I struggled with my planner. Life happened this week and threw us a HUGE curve ball – why yes.. that was a baseball pun – that we didn’t see coming and shook our week up just a little. My planner was still functioning, as it should, and I found that tasks and due dates were easily met.

Last week I mentioned that I needed to stop using the boxes on the weekly spread as a check list. Well I did that this week, and it was MUCH easier to see the important information I needed for shop business this week. I did also include a couple of meal planning stickers to this week’s spread, as I needed to make sure I had certain things started, or remembered what we were having for dinner that day so I could prep ahead.

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There is nothing about my weekly spread that I can say isn’t working for me. If I were to choose one thing, I would say that maybe I could function with this layout not having such a big box at the top for Planner & Paper, which is an easy fix, I just go back to the original version of this insert.

As with the weekly section of my planner the business section has worked out just as I wanted it to. I feel as though this update really isn’t much of an update as not much has changed. I haven’t found anything, besides what I noticed last week, that I feel needs changing this week. It could be that this week was just an off week for us personally, that I didn’t really think about my planner or planning very much. I totally used my planner as I would’ve any other week, but it just seems as though I haven’t thought “okay, so that’s not working” or “I’m not really liking how this is working out”.

{A list of products used in the image is at the bottom of this post}

My planner system is doing just what I set out for it to do. It is obviously working for my needs as I’m not sitting here writing a list of things that I need to change for next week. The only thing I can note is that I didn’t really open my B6. Sure, I decorated this week in it and I meal planned 2 weeks worth of meals in it, but that’s as much use as it’s seen. I think we just aren’t busy enough, as of right now, to warrant me using 2 planners – this also seems to be a trend when I try to use multiple planners – I use one exclusively and the other one is left to the way side.

I wish this update had been more interesting, but there’s honestly nothing I’d change! This upcoming week we are back to being busy – school hasn’t started yet, it starts in 3 1/2 weeks (wait, what?!?! Where did our summer go?), but we have a lot of personal stuff going on, so my planner(s) may get quite the work out this week. I guess we shall see what happens and I’ll see you back here next week!

How’d your week go?

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