Happy New Year!! As we are getting ready to embark on our journey through 2023, there are plans for memory-keeping and documenting our life stories. I have been asked, “how do you know what to take pictures of?” Honestly? I don’t always. There are days I don’t take photos and then “fake it until I make it” when it’s time to document the week on my pages.

As I start preparing to document 2023, I wanted to share a list, of things to document. Whether it’s in a pocket, scrapbook, planner, journal, or any other way you record your memories. I will post a list, just before the end of the month for the upcoming month, here on my feed for you to join me if you wish.

I will share if I take a photo using the prompt in my stories and would love to be tagged in any photos you share. The prompts like “from the front door” will not be shown on my feed or stories for privacy reasons.

You may see a prompt, or two, repeated throughout the year, as there are things I document multiple times throughout the year, as they are always different depending on the time of year.

I look forward to seeing your photos this year!
Here’s to a happy & healthy 2023.

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